Operative Mason Lodge


Dundee No 47


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Left Pillar




Elected for

Feb 2020 - Feb 2021

Right Worshipful Master Albert George Clark Findlay

General  Committee

Enquiry Committee

Social Committee

- see below


Immediate Past Master

Substitute Master Iain Albert Findlay  

Senior Warden

George MacEachern  
Junior Warden


David Goldie P.M.

( Honorary Provincial Grand Secretary )




John Ellis Wells P.M.



Ronald Fyffe P.M.

( Honorary Grand Treasurer )

Almoner William AlexanderJoiner  
  Chaplain Vacant  
  Senior Deacon Vacant  
  Junior Deacon Alexander Joimer ( Substitute )  
Director of Ceremonies

Bruce Kelly


Bible Bearer Iain Jackson  
  Sword Bearer Vacant  
  Director of Music Vacant  
  Marshall Vacant  
  Inner Guard William Jackson  
  Steward Vacant  
  Tyler Vacant  




General Committee:- 1st 9 INSTALLED Office Bearers down to WJD plus IPM, DM and SM and P.M's Plus :-
Leslie Coxon Vacant Vacant    



Enquiry:- 1st 5 INSTALLED office bearers down to Treasurer Plus IPM, DM, SM and 4 elected:-
Leslie Coxon Bruce Kelly vacant vacant  


 Social :-   1st 5 office bearers down to Teasurer Plus Any TWO Co-Opted
Any Two Co-Opted    











Right Pillar