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Visitors Welcome at All Meetings

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Regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month except for the months of June, July and August when the Lodge is in recess.

Committee Meetings held on second Tuesday of each Month

Meetings may be cancelled if they fall on a local holiday or over the New Year period for example.


Programme for Meetings during 2020 / 2021 :-

Updated 13th February 2020  
7th February 2020 Annual Installation of Office Bearers & Festival of St Andrew. Tyle at 6.00 pm  
15th February 2020

Rededication for 275 year Anniversary in Masonic Halls at 1A Wellington

Street, Dundee. Lodge opens 12 noon. PGL enter at 1.pm. Visitors wecome.

18th February 2020 Regular Meeting and Business. First Degree Rehersal Arrangements.  
3 rd March 2020 Regular Meeting, Business and First Degree. Visitors Welcome  


























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