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David Earl of Huntingdon, Grandson of King David the 1st of Scotland

David, Earl of Huntingdon, who is an ancient Master of the Operative Lodge of Dundee, No. 47, was born on 23rd April,1144, and died at Jerdeley, Hastings in Northamptonshire on 17 the June, 1219, aged 75 years. He was buried the next day in the Abbey of Sauntry,( St. Mary) Huntingdonshire

 About 1190, David, with 500 of his followers joined Richard 1str, on the third crusade to the Holy Land. This crusade was ill fated and on the way home David was captured by corsairs and served as a galley slave. He was later bought by a Venetian merchant who gave him the m means to return home. When in the north sea he was almost ship wrecked off Norway but his ship ten managed to reach the River Tay where he stepped ashore at the Craig of Dundee.

 Earlier he had invoked the protection of the Virgin Mary and vowed that if returned safe to his native land he would build and dedicate a church her.

 The Earl kept his word and with local masons erected the Church of St.Marys (City Churches) He then ordained that the small town should be named “Donum Dei” ( Gift of God ).

 The motto Donum Dei and the vase of lilies on the Arms of the City of Dundee, perpetuate the story of the church and its link with the City.

 There is plenty evidence to prove Earl David’s connection with Dundee and this  shows that he had a mansion in what is now Coutties Wynd in the year 1200 This house still existed in 1496




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